Trapper Pro Rat Glue Board


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Product Description

Trapper Glue Board-Rat Pro Pack

Control rats and mice without the use of chemicals with TRAPPER Glue Boards from Bell Laboratories. TRAPPER Glue Boards are an excellent solution in sensitive areas and are proven to effectively trap rats and mice.

For best results, place TRAPPER Glue Boards directly in the rodent’s runway between its nest and food supply — every 8 to 12 feet (2.4 to 3.6m) for mice and 15 to 30 feet (4.5 to 9m) for rats. TRAPPER’s translucent plastic tray blends with the environment for a professional appearance.

12 packs/box
4 boxes/case

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions10 x 8 x 2 in



Box, Case of 4 Boxes