Eaton Little Pete Galvanized Solid Lid


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JT Eaton Little Pete Galvanized Solid Lid Mouse Trap

Smaller foot print but same great results as the Eaton Repeater. Use the universal glue board. We use these traps in our residential and commercial accounts as well as for our own in house mouse and vole control.

The Eaton Little Pete is a great trap for the do your own pest control tech. Place traps along wall runways and let the trapping begin. Traps come with inspection labels for use on one side of the trap and glue board.

Traps are capable of catching up to 5 mice.

For safety, wear gloves when handling trap.

Place the JT Eaton Little Pete Multiple Catch Trap lengthwise against a wall or object. Make sure the entrance holes are closest to that wall or object. Baiting is not necesseary. A small piece of cotton with a scent attractant, (artificial Vanilla or Almond extract work well), placed on inside center of trap may help catch mice sooner.

Submerge the JT Eaton Little Pete Multiple Catch Trap in water for quick disposal of trapped rodents or release* them. The hinged cover allows for easy clean-up. Completely reusable. Check trap REGULARLY.

Elevate device as needed up to 2 inches in area where water may gather on floor or surface.

If device is moved from original placement location upon your return, reposition trap as noted above or select a new location to minimize trap movement. Secure with cable ties, wire, glue or other methods appropriate for location if necessary.

The JT Eaton Little Pete trap allows for the use of glue boards that fit in between the ramps and the outside edge of the trap (JT Eaton No. 166) that are made specifically for this trap. An unglued section where the mice enter helps prevent mice from jamming the entrance to inside the trap area.

Trap ramp modules can be removed to allow trap to be used with larger glue trap or glue board if necessary. Use caution when removing ramp.

*Check local laws before releasing any trapped animal.


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