Innovation, Quality and Power are key components in any PestWest System. Combining excellent value with expertise from technicians and leading biologists, PestWest gives you a diverse range of professional and specialist electric fly killers.

By merging science with technology, PestWest systmers are designed to the highest specficiations while always keeping the end user in mind, saving you time and money.

PestWest is passionate about flying insect control, guaranteeing that you receive the very best systems built to the highest specifications.

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  • 9725714_pestwest_main Bulb Quantum BL UV Shattrpr15W
  • Mantis Fly Trap (1x2) Mantis Fly Trap (1×2)
  • 145164_pestwest_main Mantis Pest Starter S-2
  • 146158_pestwest_main Mantis Uplight Sconce
  • Nemesis Quattro Fly Trap Nemesis Quattro Fly Trap
  • Placeholder Nemesis Quattro Lamp
  • 146184_pestwest_main PestWest Universal Glue Board (6)
  • Quantum Standard Replacement Lamp Quantum Replacement Lamp
  • 146155_pestwest_main Universal Fly Glue Board – Mantis