Kness says it all. The original Ketch-All trap in clear or solid lid. Protect your investment with the Ketch-All Protector (In/Out Flap). For easy disposal use the Ketch-All Glue Trap.

Also available are the Kness Snap-E Traps for mice or rats.

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  • Ketch-All Auto Mouse Trap with Clear Lid
  • Ketch-All Auto Mouse Trap with Metal Lid
  • Ketch-All Glue Traps
  • Kness Stick-All Mouse & Insect Traps
  • Pro-Ketch w/Clear View Lid
  • Snap-E Mouse Snap Traps
  • Snap-E Mouse Traps – BULK (24)
  • Snap-E Rat Traps