Sure the Gilbert® Wall-Sconce Flytrap will out-catch previous wall-sconce flytraps. Sure, it will create an elegant ambience while secretly providing 24-hour, non-stop, silent capture of filthy, disgusting flies. And, yes, with one finger, Flying Venus’ magnetic face swings up for easy glueboard replacement.

However, the most important flytrap in an establishment is the big one placed down low, in the back room, between the dumpster and the kitchen.

If you don’t see it on our site email us or call 717-558-8464.

  • Catchmaster EL-82 Lamp 25W x 17.75″
  • CS-06S Shatterproof Lamp 18″X15W
  • CS-09S Shatterproof Lamps
  • CS-60 Glueboard 4″x17″ 10/Bx
  • CS-61 Glue Boards 9″ x16″
  • CS-62 Black Glue Board 9″ x 16″
  • CS-63 Glue Board 3″ x 19″
  • EL-052 32 Watt UV Lamp for Bug Zappers
  • EL-052S Shatterproof Lamp (2) 32Wx18in F18T12/350BL
  • EL-062S Shatterproof Lamp 15W F15T8/350BL