Fly Control

Are flies and flying insects bugging you?

Are you looking for quality Fly Control products?

We have a wide selection of products for fly control and flying insects.

Vector Classic Fly System
Vector Plasma and Plasma One
Gilbert Flying Venus Traps
Fruit Fly Traps, Drain Flies, Fly Web, Fly Sticks/Strips.

We have the solutions for your fly control problems.

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  • Terminator Shatterproof Bulbs
  • 911SPB EL-082S Shatterproof Bulb
  • Aura 11.6″ Diam. Glueboard
  • Aura 22W Bulb – 2 Pack
  • Aura Fly Light
  • B&G FM-4 Shatterproof Matrix
  • B&G FM-4B Matrix Glueboard
  • BASF Vector Plasma Screened Fly LGT W/Shatterproof Bulbs
  • Bio-Gel (Gallon)
  • Bio-Gel (qt)