Bell Labs

Bell Laboratories is an exclusive manufacturer of rodent control products, Bell Laboratories produces the highest quality rodenticides and other rodent control products available to the pest control and agricultural industries on six continents.

Bell has developed a complete line of products – rodenticides, tamper-resistant bait stations, non-poisonous glue boards and mechanical mouse traps – to control rats and mice in any situation.

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  • 110307_belllabs_main Mini Rex Mouse Snap Trap
  • 110315_belllabs_main Provoke Mouse Attract Gel(2oz)
  • Porvoke Rat Attractant Provoke Rat Attractant Gel (8oz)
  • 110140_belllabs_main Trapper LTD Mouse and Insect Trap
  • 110101_belllabs_main Trapper Max Glue Traps – Mouse
  • 110106_belllabs_main Trapper Monitor and Insect Trap (100)
  • 110100_belllabs_main Trapper Mse Gl 2 Pack (2) 48/cs TM2817
  • 110112_belllabs_main Trapper Pest Monitor
  • Trapper Pro Rat Glue Board Trapper Pro Rat Glue Board
  • 110109_bellabs_main Trapper Rat Glue (2 Pack) White Tray