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Vector Classic Fly System, Plasma Fly Light, Plasma Screened Fly Light, Plasma One Screened Fly Light, Mouse Master and many more quality products.

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  • Allure Trap – Indian Meal Moths
  • BASF Vector Plasma Screened Fly LGT W/Shatterproof Bulbs
  • Catchmaster Fly Glue Board(12) 907
  • Plasma One Screened Fly Trap w/Shatterproof bulb
  • Plasma Screened Fly Light
  • Plasma/Plasma One 36W Fly Lamp
  • PT 14 Allure Moth Trap Replacement Lures
  • PT Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait
  • Vector 15W Actinic Sleeved
  • Vector 36W Actinic Sleeved Bulb for Plasma