We offer an extensive line of pest control products for  homeowners and businesses.

We carry the complete line of BASF Vector fly light traps, replacement lamps and glue boards.

vectorclassicflysystemIn addition to the BASF Vector fly light traps we also carry Brandenburg, Catchmaster, Gilbert, Nemesis, Pelsis FLT’s plus a wide variety of products targeting flies and flying insects. From electric powered to lure style traps we have what you need.

If you don’t see it email awparker@tritonpc.com 0r call/text 717-805-8302. 

Check out our rodent control products, including live multiple catch, snap traps, electronic traps and glue traps, plus larger nuisance wildlife control traps.

drainfliesWe have products for Indian meal moths and insect monitoring and drain and fruit fly products for your home or business.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions about an item you do or don’t see on our web site. We look forward to being of service. 

Send your questions or comments to awparker@tritonpc.com or call/text 717-805-8302.

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Pennsylvania residents are not exempt from the state 6% sales tax. Allegheny and Philadelphia residence will have the added 1 % sales tax added to their order.

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